Staying home

As I wrote before, thanks to Covid positive results, I have no choice but to stay home. This is in a sense taking a rest and relieving stress, but this lifestyle makes me lazy person.

Same as Japan, Estonia also prohibit Covid positive patient from going outside and just force us to stay at home. Of course, it cannot help.

Lazy life

I have 3 courses this semester and include 4 in-person class in a week. Usually, I go to the library and attend the class when I have it.

Covid positive people must stay in home at least 10 days when the symptom was seen. My quarantine period is going to end on 3 November. Just 2 days left, but during this quarantine, I will have skipped 6 in-person class meetings. This is suck because I may not catch up with the course especially language course.

Plus, this may be my special characteristic, but I cannot concentrate on studying during my stay at home, this is big problem.

Actually I have 1 assignment by tomorrow but I didn’t start it lol.

Expecting recovery

Just I expect to do is quick recovery. During Covid-positive period, I scarcely feel smelling and tasting. For me, this is no problem, but what I think problem is that I cannot visit library, which means I have no time to study.

I envy those who can study at home. I think they can switch on and off the studying mode or not. No ability to do I have.

What I repeatedly do is just watching and listening music. Listening music of instrument makes me happy and relieve stress, so watch them over and over again.

Of course I know I had better to start studying lol