Recent situation

About recent situation and prospected future.

Thesis and saving

The studying semester is going to end soon and many second year students will finish their MA thesis. The submission day is next Monday. However, I’m officially rejected to submit my thesis by my advisor, because my thesis do not satisfy the quality of MA thesis.

So, my challenge has officially finished and remaining lecture is only language course.

Actually, I did not accept this real, but the time flows as nothing.

Looking back to my attitude toward thesis, I thought I just wrote as much words as possible and just submit. This idea was just imprudent. Writing master thesis is much harder than I expected.

My imprudent and laziness led this result. This cannot be helped. 100% my responsibility this is…

Also, my saving is running out, so the first thing to do is saving and lead thrifty life. The second is to think about my future. Whether I should go back to my country or to stay here is difficult choice. But the reality is I failed.

At first, I was going to move to foreign country because my home country has too much severe environment for me. Too much work, too cheap salary, too foolish people… So, I made up my mind to change the place to live. But I failed. No matter how much crying, shouting, and deploring, this is real. Honestly, it makes me upset to think of going back to home country. I know severe work and cheap salary and ridiculous conversation are waiting.

Unfortunately, I do not have any skill and faculty to get a job in foreign country, so I know it’s better to go back as a loser of life. Living for more than 50 years is hard thing. Is it bad game or bad dream?