Recent Situation

Today, I will write about recent situation of mine, including academic life, social life, and sickness.

Actually, I assumed that I would be a little bit relieved after 1st of November, which is deadline of MA thesis proposal and essay of EU integration class.

Unfortunately however, the situation is getting worse as the number of positive rate of Estonia is rising.

Covid experience

The current situation of Covid19 in Estonia is the worst since the calculation started. Everyday, nearly 2,000 people marked positive, which is same as the last March when the Estonia decided to enter lockdown.

I got vaccination on June and it was Janssen one shot vaccine. What I surprised at that time was I had no side effect of vaccine shot, so it was difficult to evaluate its vaccine was effective or not. Unfortunately, this speculation turned out to be correct.

Around one week ago, I had a fever of 37.7degrees and I thought it was just a cold. After 2days, the fever was down and just continue cough. However, I was gradually losing smelling and tasting function. At first, my nose was stuck but I could breathe, so I suspect I contracted Covid 19. Then, I visited pharmacy and bought self test kit of Covid19. I collected my swab and drop on the test paper. It says I have positive of Covid19.

After that, I called national health center of Estonia. They offered me PCR test and I took it yesterday and it turned out to be POSITIVE!! Yeah, my smelling and tasting function has stopped and I feel strongly tired after some walking. But, it cannot be helped and I have only to wait for recovery.


Because of my physical disorder, I have to stay at home and deal with assignment task there. It is really hard for me, because I cannot concentrate on studying when I am home. In my mind, staying home means taking a rest or eating something. Why should I study during my stay at home?

This situation makes my recent life worse, because I have 2 assignment by 1st of November but I couldn’t tackle with them.

Moreover, one assignment is extremely important for graduation, so if I failed to submit, I will not graduate. The other one is 900 words essay, whose topic is the application of rationalism and constructivism to 2004 EU enlargement.

The problem is I still have not hold any meeting with my thesis advisor. He has some problems and canceled our meeting last Wednesday. What should I do?

At stake

Considering these issues, my situation so far is at stake. Fortunately, my physical condition is OK and I have big appetite but I have to stay at home and tackle with assignment.

Plus, my thesis proposal is not progressed because of no contact with advisor. This is much bigger problem than covid.

How can manage this situation?